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Consul General Fei Mingxing Meets with Professor Martin Dlamini


On 5th March 2019, Consul General Fei Mingxing met with professor Martin Dlamini and Dr. Fendler Dlamini at Confucius Institute at Durban University of Technology, accompanied by Deputy Consul General Ding Qiao and Director of Confucius Institute Wu Lin .


Professor Dlamini and Dr. Dlamini elaborated the history, culture and language of South Africa's traditional tribes, focusing on the current situation of the Zulu ethnic group and its relations with South African governments and major political parties. They emphasized that South Africa had a long history of culture with complex roots. With the economic and social development, the younger generation's attitude towards traditional culture is changing quietly, yet the influence of traditional culture is irreplaceable in the governance and social cohesion of South Africa today. This is particularly true in South Africa in the election year.


Consul General Fei thanked Professor Dlamini and Dr. Dlamini for their professional insights and exchanged views with them on the internal mechanism of South Africa's traditional leadership system, the interaction between traditional leaders and South African political party leaders.
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