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Consul General Fei Mingxing Visits Isithebe Industrial Park


On 16th April 2019,Consul General Fei Mingxing visited Isithebe Industrial Park in Mandeni,accompanied by Mr. Wang Honggen, Director of the Chinese Community and Police Cooperation Center in Mandeni.



Consul General Fei first met with more than 20 local Chinese businessmen. He commended them for helping each other throughout the recent riots and urged them to pay close attention to the security situation in the run up to the election, stay vigilant, strengthen preventive measures, and improve joint defense mechanism so as to ensure personal and property safety.He asked them to observe the local laws and rules such as the Minimum Wage Act and the Immigration Act, and learn to use legal means to voice concerns and seek solutions to issues.


Consul General Fei met with the head of Isithebe Industrial Park and the local police commander later. He thanked them for their long-standing assistance to local Chinese community, in particular timely dispatching POP officers to the threatened enterprises during the recent riots. He raised concerns of the Chinese enterprises on safety and security and asked them to be properly addressed by the local authority.


Consul General Fei also visited three Chinese factories in Isithebe Industrial Park during his stay in Mandeni.

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