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Remarks by Consul General Fei Mingxing at the Opening Ceremony of the Great Wall Skill Training Center
(Bluff, Durban, 18thApril 2019)


Madame Fawzia Peer, Deputy Mayor of the eThekwini Municipality,

ProfessorSibusiso Moyo, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Durban University of Technology (DUT),

Mr Wu Lin, Co-Dean of the Confucius Institute at DUT,

Madam Wang Shenglan, Founder of the Great Wall Skill Training Center,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good Morning!


It's a great pleasure to be here today, witnessing the launching of the Great Wall Training Center. I've attended many events since my arrivalin Durban last November. However, this one is special and of significance. You might wonder why.


First, the Training Center is most needed.Friendskeep educating me of three challenges faced by South Africa: poverty, unemployment and inequality. Actually they are interrelated to each other and the keyis employment, for employment reduces poverty and improves equality. The fact is the current unemployment rate in KwaZulu Natal (KZN) Province is as high as over 27.2%, while clothing factories in Newcastle and Mandeni I recently visited are short of skilled workers. The Great Wall Skill Training Center lights up a candle for our beloved unemployed brothers and sisters in the dark.


Second, the Training Center is a commendable joint venture of stakeholders. KZN's vision by 2035 is to be a prosperous Province with a healthy, secure and skilled population. Vocational training empowers people with skills and it's a sharedresponsibility of the local government, enterprises, educational institutions and the community, without whichever it would be hardly possible to succeed. Today, the eThekwini Municipality, DUT and the local enterprises have shown us how to shoulder their responsibility for a shared future.


Third, the Training Center isa laudable move by the Chinese community. I've seen Chinese golf players donating to local charity service. I've seen leaders of the Chinese community contributing to the local school and caring center. What we see today is something new and exciting. President Xi Jinping said in his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China- Africa Cooperation, "China will do more to help Africa alleviate poverty, pursue development, increase employment and income and better the lives of its people". China annually creates over 10 million job opportunities and lifts over 10 million people out of poverty. By 2020, we shall be able to lift all poor people out of poverty, which is going to be a miracle. We are ready to share our experience and practices with South African friends. I'm very pleased today that Mme Wang has set such a good example for the community. I am hoping Mme Wang and the Training Center will be fully supported by the local Government and the community, so that it could play an important role in increasing employment and reducing poverty.


I used to be a part-time teacher. What I've learned from my teaching experience isthat learning is a tango by a teacher and a student. I hope our trainers and trainees at the Training Center could do a good Zulu Tango,or a Chinese Tango, or a mix of both, as far as they make qualified skilled workers.


Congratulations on the launching of the Great Wall Skill Training Center again. I wish you good luck.


Thank you!

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