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Hu Jintao takes a joint interview with Chinese and foreign media in Moscow

    MOSCOW, June 18 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday expressed confidence in the future development of China-Russia relations and said the two countries should further strengthen their cooperation under the complicated international circumstances.

    The China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation has witnessed healthy development since its inception 13 years ago, Hu said in a joint interview with Chinese and foreign media in Moscow.

    There have been frequent high-level exchanges between the two countries and mutual political trust has been enhanced, Hu said.

    The two countries have all along steadfastly supported each other on these key issues concerning sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national security, he said.

    Pragmatic cooperation between the two countries has been deepended and has been fruitful in a number of key areas in particular, he said. The two countries have also maintained close coordination and cooperation in international and regional affairs, said the president.

    Cooperation between China and Russia is becoming all the more important given the complicated and changing international situation, Hu said.

    He expressed confidence that the China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation will be pushed further ahead.

    When asked about the cooperation between the SCO and the BRIC countries in tackling the impact of the current global financial crisis, Hu said cooperation is the right avenue toward achieving a global economic recovery in the context of deepening globalization and increasing interdependence among countries.

    The SCO countries have great potentials in their cooperation as their economies are highly complementary, said Hu.

    The SCO countries agreed to accelerate the implementation of cooperation projects in transport, communications and energy in efforts to promote economic growth and ease the negative impact of the global financial crisis, he said.

    They also pledged to push forward trade and investment facilitation, promote cooperation in emerging industries, and improve coordination in financial and monetary policies, he said.

    The BRIC countries -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- have also committed themselves to bringing about an early recovery of the world economy, said Hu.

    They will promote and participate in the reform of the international financial systems and strive to win a bigger say and broader representation for the developing countries in international financial institutions, he said.

    The BRIC countries will also make more efforts to raise the awareness of the international community about some key global issues such as climate change, food security, energy security and public health security, he said.

    On the future of the SCO, Hu said the organization are now facing tougher tasks of maintaining regional security, promoting economic development and safeguarding the common interests of its member states, he said.

    Therefore, it should make unremitting efforts to promote unity and mutual trust among its members, and strive to create a stable and peaceful environment for the development of its members.

    The SCO should deepen regional economic cooperation and promote common development. It will also promote people-to-people contacts, cultural exchanges and friendship among its peoples, Hu said.

    The SCO is one of China's foreign policy priorities, Hu said. China is ready to work with its partners to further promote the development of the SCO and work for the common prosperity of its members, he said

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