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Speech at the Donation Ceremony by Consul General Liu Yantao
12 May 2011


Honourable First Lady Bongi Ngema Zuma

Honourable Chairwoman of Chinese Women Association in South Africa

Honourable Headmaster

Dear Teachers and Students,

    Good Morning!

I'm very honoured, on behalf of Chinese Ambassador Zhong Jianhua and Chinese Embassy and Consulate in South Africa, to attend the ceremony of Southern African Chinese Women Association's donation to the local needy school. The ceremony reminds me of Chinese Yunnan Province where I worked as a poverty alleviating official and so did my colleague. I fully understand what the poor children need and hope, and I better understand what the education and school means for them. Nation's hope relies on Children and Children's hope relies on Education! As the Mother's Day has just passed, I hereby take this opportunity to express my heartfelt respect to the great maternal love to the needy shool's children shown by First Lady and Chinese Women Association, and also extend my sincere thanks to First Lady and Chinese Women Association, because you have long made great contributions to Sino-South African friendship and to the deeper understanding between the two peoples!

    During the thirteen years since their diplomatic relationship, the two countries has established comprehensive strategic partnership and their peoples' friendship, cooperation and mutual support are continually deepening, especially in the regard of poverty alleviation and assistance to the underprivileged. As you may know, mushrooms here in KZN are the products of Sino-South African technology cooperation. Before long, Chinese Disabled Persons Artistic Performance Troupe put on a show in South Africa and donate all their proceeds to South African Disabled Persons Foundation. Today's donation by South African Chinese Women Association is a very important part of series of activities that South African Chinese community help local children. It's not easy for Chinese women to live and develop in South Africa, so they did hard work to raise two hundred thousand rand worth of cash and goods. The work fully reflects the Chinese women's love to South African children, their strong support to First Lady's care for social welfare and children education, and their earnest expect for Sino-South African friendship. I also learnt that in the coming days, Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association will launch a fund-raising campaign to show their care for the disadvantaged. Therefore we can say that the Chinese Women Association's donation set a good example for the whole Chinese community in South Africa. We sincerely hope that helping the disadvantaged and caring for education will become the common undertaking of all the different sectors including the Chinese community. This undertaking is great and glorious as well, since it have influence on social fairness, justice, harmony and sustainable development.

    South Africa and China have many similarities in terms of poverty reduction and aiding the disadvantaged. Last year, First Lady paid a visit to China and saw for yourself China's rapid development in modernization building. However, in fact, China still has a lot of poor people as South Africa does. According to the standard published by United Nations, China's poor population is about 100 million, twice as much as the total population of South Africa. Chinese government and society are making a concerted effort to eliminate poverty.

    These respectable teachers and lovable children also remind me of a Chinese education film Not One Less. It tells a story how a teacher in a poor area worked hard to stop any child from dropping out of school.

    I sincerely hope that all the students study hard in the good times and grow into useful talents to society. I also hope that teachers and students remember the care and expect placed on you by First Lady and the Chinese aunties, and try your best, beginning with trifles, to make your own contributions to promote the Sino-South African friendship.

Thanks again First Lady, and thank you Ms Zhou Aizhu for your kind invitation , thank you everybody!

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