Consul General Fei Mingxing: SA People Will Prevail Over Coronavirus

On 27 March 2020, Pretoria News published a story of Sihle Mavuso on his interview to Consul General Fei Mingxing titled "SA people will prevail over coronovirus". The full text is as follows:



China, the first global powerhouse to battle Covid-19 infections, recovered steadily by implementing stringent measures such as locking down cities for two months.


Officials from that country now say "South Africa will prevail over the virus".


Fei Mingxing, Chinese Consul-General in Durban, said this yesterday after his native land donated 100,000 surgical masks to the KwaZulu-Natal government in a bid to help fight the virus, which was first tracked down in the Midlands.


Mingxing said the battle against coronavirus needed strong leadership and international support, adding that the use of advanced technology at this stage was key.


He also pointed out that people should play a role as this is their battle and without them it cannot be won.


"We think this (the lock down) is one of the best ways to ensure that we defeat the virus and we have some experiences in China and we are in full support of South Africa's government policy initiative of this kind. And we firmly believe South Africa is going to prevail over the virus," He said.


Mingxing said South Africa could learn plenty from the Chinese, Among the lessons that must be learnt, he said, is that "strong leadership as we have seen it now" is vital.


"Strong leadership, the people's solidarity... Using hi-tech gears as well as international support will be very important to prevail over the virus," He added.


Mingxing applauded South Africa for its massive populace education drive about the virus, saying public education was vital.


"When people are mobilised and educated, then we are joined together to fight the virus.


"So it might take time but we need to trust the people, the people are the power against the virus," He said.


Mingxing also responded to US president Donald Trump's sentiments about the pandemic, saying instead of "smearing and blaming" others , the US and the rest of the world must unite.


"We should respect what the World Health Organisation has already said again and again, that this is a virus against humanity. It's a virus against the people of the world.


"So we should be united against the virus," He said.


Meanwhile, KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala, immediately after receiving the masks, used the clean-up campaign in the area to distribute some of the masks to the impoverished residents ahead of the lockdown.


Handing out the masks, Zikalala said good hygiene was imperative in the battle against Covid-19.


Speaking later during a prayer service in Pietermaritzburg, he warned that people should adhere to the rules since they would be enforced.


"This lockdown means you stay at home, it is not time to be on a holiday or up and down. Let us respect this directive because it is going to be enforced," He said.